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Facebook for Rocks?

While searching for a “fake” profile page to help teach Internet Safety I came across the Tomorrow’s Tech in Today’s Schools blog by David. The post I came across, Facebook project & template,  is about Facebook templates for the classroom! David has done all of the work for you by creating a Facebook template in PowerPoint. It’s not just the Wall or Info page, he hyperlinked the Wall, Info and Photos pages to make a more realistic Facebook page.

His example is a Facebook page for John F. Kennedy. It’s a great way to get kids to think about a person, what they did, what they may have thought and how they impacted history. Not only can students use this as a way to report on a person’s life, they can also use it for writing about any object, invention, theme, or process. Just imaging a Facebook page for Schist!

Schist Boy, it’s getting hot around here!

Sandstone I’ve got ya beat! Not only is it hot around here, but man am I ever getting the squeeze!

Schist Hot! There! You’re not the one being subducted by these tectonic plates!

Basalt Will you both quit you’re whining! I’m wastin’ away in the wind and nobody cares! 🙁

Just think about Schist’s Info page and Photo page. All of Schist’s characteristics and pictures of “family” like Quartzite or Gneiss and “friends” like Shale and Limestone. What a creative and fun way for students to think about and present information.