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ActivInspire FINALLY has an equation editor!

Calling all Math teachers! ActivInspire 1.6 finally incorporates an equation editor. No more taking snapshots of equations in Math Type or Word to past into flipcharts. Click the image to the right to view the ActivTip flipchart and see how this great new feature works!

This version of ActivInspire also includes an Extend Page button giving you more room for brainstorming, the option to remove the Pen icon and the ability to switch between Select and Pen with a right-click (yay!). Check out all of the new features on Promethean Planet’s ActivTip video page!



BrainPop & ActiVotes/ActivExpressions

So, this isn’t new, but it may be for some. BrainPop, that wonderful animated video site, is integrated with Promethean’s ActiVotes and ActivExpressions. What does this mean for you? Well, the next time you show your class a video and get to the quiz, you can plug in your ActivHub, fire up the votes or expressions and have your class take the quiz using a familiar tool!

To set up the connection between BrainPop and the ActiVotes or ActivExpressions, you will need to download and install the Flash Bridge. It can be found here.

Once the Flash Bridge is installed you will be able to see the ActiVote or ActivExpression icon seen at the bottom or the image.

To see the ActiVotes and ActivExpression in action visit BrainPop’s web site to view a webinar. Or, stop by and see me for a demonstration!