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Student iPad Boot Camp

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As students in fifth through eighth grade embarked on a 1:1 iPad adventure I collaborated with teachers to identify the best way to help students learn the ins and outs of their iPad and it's workflows. We settled on a hybrid Boot Camp that would combine face to face sessions with online learning modules.

Teachers identified basic apps and skills they wanted students to have and in what order the apps and skills should be introduced. We worked together to identify activities that coordinated with advisory or curriculum topics as a means of introducing and teaching the apps. For example, to introduce the iMovie app's trailer feature, students were given the task of creating a trailer about a book they read over the summer. Videos were shared with classmates and one advisory created a RedBook (similar to a RedBox) station where classmates could watch book trailers to find new books to read.

Through this hybrid design, students were able to learn workflows and apps while retaining reference materials for future use. Tasked related to their school work helped to reinforce how the apps and workflows were used. Overall, teachers felt that this process improved students' ability to use their iPads effectively in class.

Stories of the American Revolution

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Stories of the American Revolution is a digital storytelling project done in collaboration with 6th grade Social Studies teachers. Students were given a person, place or event that was significant to the American Revolution. Students researched their person, place or event and wrote a first person narrative. These narratives were recorded and turned into digital stories.

The student project page can be found on the TechEdOnline wiki.  

This project was selected to be presented at  TECH 20xx, an initiative designed to bring students and legislators together around educational technology. 

Perspectives on War

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When we think of World War II, we think of the Holocaust or, perhaps, the attack on Pearl Harbor, D-Day. Although these are significant and tragic events that shouldn't be forgotten, there are millions of voices we rarely hear about. In this project, you will work in groups and be assigned the perspective of an ethnic group living in the United States during WWII.

This project provided eighth graders the opportunity to approach World War II from a different perspective and see how the war impacted people in the United States. Students worked in groups to research the experiences of Japanese and German Americans in the United States during WWII. Using their research, students wrote a first-person narrative about life as and "alien enemy" during WWII.

Throughout the project, students used a wiki to collect information, communicate as a group and grade, and share and access resources. Each Group page contains a collective word bank or vocabulary page as well as links to each group member's research notes.