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I saw this last spring and downloaded it to use myself, but was just reminded of it by @coolcatteacher…Triptico! Triptico is a collection of 23 interactive resources designed for IWBs. Activities include Word Magnets, Class Timer, random students selectors, team point scoreboards, Find Ten, student groups, Text Spinner, Question Quiz, Match It, Class Vote and more! The Word Magnets is similar to the Magnet Poetry; you enter a bunch of words (copy and paste a list) and moveable “magnets” are created. There are 42 different backgrounds associated with Word Magnets, so students can categorize, create Venn diagrams, ABC lists, bulls eyes, process charts and much more. If you forget a word or want to add more (a student’s suggestion!), you can quickly add and delete words. You can also change the background board color or the color of the magnets, meaning I can color code my parts of speech or herbivores, carnivores and omnivores! The Find 10 let’s teachers enter a topic and create 15 facts, some related and other not, for students to identify. This would also work well for classifying items, synonyms, a Who am I and more! There are other great interactive activities and useful, reusable classroom […]
Calling all Math teachers! ActivInspire 1.6 finally incorporates an equation editor. No more taking snapshots of equations in Math Type or Word to past into flipcharts. Click the image to the right to view the ActivTip flipchart and see how this great new feature works! This version of ActivInspire also includes an Extend Page button giving you more room for brainstorming, the option to remove the Pen icon and the ability to switch between Select and Pen with a right-click (yay!). Check out all of the new features on Promethean Planet’s ActivTip video page!    
When it comes to word problems students often have a hard time figuring out what information is important. Since they have to write the equation rather than being given an equation, it is a more challenging skill to master. Well, with Thinking Blocks students can visually represent the information in a word problem helping them to better understand what is being asked and what operations are needed. The site provides students with a series of word problems that can be done in Tracking Mode or Practice Mode. In Tracking Mode students earn starts for each correct problem. All problems begin with a problem and some blocks. Students read the problem and position the blocks where they belong. After position the blocks, students label what each block represents, checking as each step of the way. Next, students place the correct number labels on the blocks as seen in the image to the right. If the numbers are in the correct location, students get the Resize Blocks button which show a representation of the actual numbers. Lastly, students are asked to solve the math problem with the optional built in calculator. The Thinking Blocks include addition, multiplication, fractions, ratios, and a modeling […]
Edutopia featured this video on their Facebook page today about an Early Childhood center that uses project-based learning and the students’ input to guide their curriculum. Pretty cool! This is how learning SHOULD be!