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What kind of scientist will you be?

12 Sep 2011 by In Science, Useful Resources
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Portrait of Robert William Holley (1922-1993), Biochemist

White lab coats and glasses…is that what comes to mind when you think about scientists?

Well, at the Smithsonian there are many scientists with unique and interesting jobs, all minus the white lab coat! How about being a Coral Whisperer or an Amphibian Ace? Kids (and adults) often don’t know much about what scientists do, where they work or just how fun their jobs can be. Being a scientist doesn’t mean always being stuck in a lab!

Whether your learning about different scientific areas or talking about jobs people have, don’t forget to share the awesome jobs on the Scientists @ the Smithsonian site! Students can see the scientists in action, read their profiles and explore resources related to the scientist’s job.

Photo from the Smithsonian Institution’s photostream on The Commons

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