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iPad Training & Integration

21 Feb 2014 by In Professional Development



In the summer of 2012 my school launced a 1:1 initiative with iPads for our 7th graders. At the time the shcool had one iPad cart of 20 iPads shared among grades SK-8th. Teachers had no tranining on these iPads, nor training on how to use them in a 1:1 classroom. Over the course of one week the 7th grade team learned iPad basics, explored potential apps, identified integration activities and developed student expectations.

Following the pilot year, the 7th grade team continued their 1:1 education by reflecting on the previous year. Challenges and success were identified and used as a jumping off point for increasing the level and type of iPad activities students engaged in. The second summer focused on the SAMR model and how curriculum redesign could result in more meaningful use of the iPads.

During the same summer the 8th grade team began their iPad 1:1 adventure, learning from the 7th grade team's experience. This summer the 5th and 6th grade teams will join the 1:1 program. 

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